We can have Peace Right Now! To find out how, You are invited to: Niagara Falls, Canada September 8 -13, 2013


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TO SAVE THE EARTH, we must look to Heaven:

Consecrate Russia To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary As Our Lady Of Fatima Requested!

Government without God – secularism – has failed! How could anyone ever believe it might have succeeded? How can you ignore the Creator and His laws and think that His Creation is yours to refashion according to your own ideas? Secularism has been the most insane experiment in the history of human folly!

How many times have talks aimed at peace ended in war? How many times will we trust in the wisdom of leaders who have no wisdom, because they have no fear of God? How long will the leaders of the Catholic Church ignore the only hope for peace in the Church and peace in the world? How long will we risk Heaven's wrath by failing to obey Our Lady?

We can have Peace in exchange for a special 5-minute prayer offered by the
Pope and the bishops! Come, learn about it! Then, insist upon it!